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Come and see why eye examinations will never be the same

Tomey Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer Optometrist - Collins Vision CarePrecise Digital Eye Exam:
This revolutionary equipment aides to precisely measure the refractive condition.  Whether you have been diagnosed with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or been told you have an astigmatism, come see how we use an in-depth digital analysis to refine your vision prescription.


Topcon Maestro Optometrist - Collins Vision CareTopcon Maestro OCT Imaging:   This non-invasive test measures for a host of eye diseases.  Its early detection capabilities are revolutionizing the vision care industry.  It allows early detection of diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma.  Its high-definition histology software allows detailed cross-sectional imaging of the eye and detection of eye disease. This technology is a 'must-have' in today's management of eye disease.  Our office is proud to be able to offer this advanced technology to our patients and their families.  

Eye Disease Optometrist Vandalia - Collins Vision Care

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