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Keratoconus is a progressive, cone-shaped irregularity affecting the cornea of the eye. It causes significant visual disturbances affecting all areas of life.  It is important to understand the nature of keratoconus and foster a positive attitude toward managing this lifelong condition.  Furthermore, it is essential to utilize the most advanced technology to properly diagnose and then treat.  At Collins Vision Care, we examine and treat a high number of patients with keratoconus.  Thus we offer the latest in technology available to help patients see better. 

Keratoconus Topography Map
Keratoconus Topography Map

Because keratoconus is an irregular, cone-shape of the eye, light enters the eye at different angles.  This causes blurred images and distorted vision.  In its early stages, eyeglasses alone may be able to improve the vision.  However, as the condition worsens, eyeglasses are less effective.  

Specialty contact lenses work by creating a new smooth surface to the front of the eye and thus enhance the eye's ability to adjust for the irregular shape.  Most people with keratoconus prefer specialty contact lenses for the optimal visual performance.

Digital Eye Mapping and Free-Form Custom Lens Design
sMap Scleral Lens Topographer

At Collins Vision Care, we offer the highest level of precision in order to fully customize specialty contact lenses.  With over a million measurement points to develop highly detailed maps of the eye's surface, this information is used to create a unique custom lens to achieve the best possible vision.  This technology allows specialty lenses to feel more comfortable, improve wear times and reduce visual aberrations or glare.

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